Anonymous asked: Ya gotta feel sorry for Posey. His sidekick on the show he's headlining is in a blockbuster film, doing national interviews, is gonna do world premiers, is 6th on a huge social media site, his acting is heralded as TW's strongest asset, has a huge fanbase that'll follow him into films... sucks to be eclipsed by your sidekick


It happens. 

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Thank you so much for going through all this trouble, I really appreciate it!


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I like how the Sterek shippers get called delusional for seeing romantic chemistry between Stiles and Derek.

But now you see a bunch of delusional teen wolf stans, insisting that the show is as good as it was and that the ratings are fine.

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"We break up and it’s fine." - Dylan about stalia




TEEN WOLF HIGH SCHOOL AU | jerk!Stiles and awkward!Derek

Derek and Stiles get paired together for a chemistry project and Stiles tries to blow Derek off for lacrosse.  Derek is more than willing to do most of the work if he can somehow arrange for Stiles to come to his house and…assemble the poster together or something, anything.
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Sterek AU: Derek and Stiles lose their memories and by trying to figure out who they are they just assume that they must be boyfriends.

Based on this lovely fic.

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Season 4 in Pictures: Part 12/12

'Smoke and Mirrors'

Last one :D

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