Derek’s dick is super happy that sweatpants were worn instead of them tight ass jeans. 

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unnecessary sex scenes in movies


unnecessary sex scenes in tv shows


unnecessary sex scenes in fanfic


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2x01 || 4x04

Stiles “dance away from danger” Stilinski

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okay but stiles checkin out the naked parrish booty tho


I am sorry but I’m laughing like a twelve year old at the fact that you tagged this ‘crack’. Hehehe crack as in buttcrack booty booty butts I am 12. 

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Derek Hale in comfy sweatpants ^_^

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Anonymous asked: You can absolutely tell how HARD they're trying so they won't have stiles and derek interact. Do you know how immature and pathetic that is? Pretty fucking pathetic. They're acting like 5 year olds.


It’s absolutely ridiculous. It doesn’t even make sense. And what’s hilarious is that the Sterek fandom has so many talented people in it. They will take one scene and edit the fuck out of it to make something so much better than canon.

Hell, somebody edited that stupid ass Draeden scene in the bed, and they turned it into a beautiful Sterek gifset that looked so real and was definitely better than what horrendous shit went down in canon.

Jeff and his team need to stop acting like children. 

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Anonymous asked: I feel so bad for Hoechlin. He's not even trying to act anymore. Derek is gone. There is no trace of him left AT ALL. Tyler is simply saying lines memorized from a script. Check out his scenes in the latest episode on YT and tell me I'm wrong, Cole.


Just by looking at the gifs, I can see how OOC Derek is being played. I wanna say it’s purposeful, meaning there’s a real reason behind it. But nope. It’s probably just terrible writing, and Hoechlin has to play that. 

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Derek pulls Parrish aside and asks him if burning alive hurt the entire time or if he went numb so he can know if his family suffered during the fire.


Danny be gettin it in like




power bottom ethan. (◡‿◡✿)

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So I just found out who the Benefactor is.

Dear Jeff Davis:

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